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“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.”
Samuel Johnson

Pavol Sepeši
Pavol Sepeši


I am building an international sales team. Are you communicative, multilingual, & a team player? For more info just press the button!

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Edit Sulyok
Edit Sulyok

Office Manager

As a retail clerk with a lot of experience in various sectors, I have further qualified myself and I enjoy working in this team.

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Vladimír Sivý
Vladimír Sivý


Civil Engineer & Planner. Family man & father. Friend & Partner. My motto: “If you can believe it, your mind can achieve it.”

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Become our partner

Follow these clear instructions and you'll get the results you deserve!

10 steps to a stable online income as BEST4FRIENDS partner

  1. Select your region and/or a topic.

  1. Decide in which area you mainly want to work: sales, distribution or office.

  1. Register as a partner in the BEST4FRIENDS network.

  1. Analyze your market (potential customers) and competitors.

  1. Create a list of potential clients and add all the information (+ / -) about these companies.

  1. Find out the vulnerabilities of the companies. Add them to your list and write down your suggested solutions.

  1. Classify your list and start inviting or contacting the first companies.

  1. Go to the presentation prepared and take notes on your appointments.

  1. Teamwork will significantly improve your income as a partner.


  1. Work with your list every day. It is your most important marketing tool!!